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Tuhka Ref by BuffyandBramble
Tuhka Ref
An actual reference sheet for Tuhka, instead of the messy sketch of previous. 

The sparkles in his hair aren't permanent, it's glitter he'll have acquired from somewhere. It's his favourite thing in the world guys, glitter is life.

Tuhka comes across as fairly serious and brooding, but he's not really. He's just fairly one track minded and is usually thinking pretty heavily on what he could do for his next performance - he's a dancer/performer that aims to amaze. He's passionate about his craft and can be a little... intense sometimes when he has that eureka moment, but if you can get his attention he's a genuine guy willing to lend a helping hoof. 
Just don't mind him if he suddenly leaps into the air with a shout - that's just inspiration hitting, please excuse him whilst he drops what he was doing and sprints off to write that amazing idea down and then get totally swept up expanding on it. No one should take the abandonment personally, he never means it and is always apologetic afterwards. It's just... he couldn't let that idea get away! It will make his next routine AMAZING. 

I'll update as I go (hopefully) as I build up more about him as a character. 
He could do with some friends though, some interactions and stuff would be fun~ Anyone game? 
He's Melursus born and raised (with a Philoden parent) but once he hit adulthood he started travelling a lot more, looking for new ideas and inspiration for performances. And acquiring sparkly things or beads for his fetlocks. Seriously if you want this attention wave something sparkly in front of him. 

Firedance by BuffyandBramble
All the experimental techniques, questionable anatomy, and sparkles. 

Tuhka, my wildling unicorn. :iconwildling-unicorns: 
KilalaPanverse2: Birb Prince by BuffyandBramble
KilalaPanverse2: Birb Prince
Prince Orion
Artemis x Amber Lily

Orion is very unlike his big sister, lacking her discipline and drive. He's a social creature and a shameless flirt, but when you've got such perfect natural guyliner who wouldn't be? He's prone to cheesy pick up lines, and if he can drop in a "Prince of the night" style reference in there with an eyebrow waggle you can be sure he will. 
Unintentionally entitled, Orion doesn't always realise that he has it better than other ponies and can be a bit blunt and olivious as a result of it though he very rarely means any harm and will usually apologise once it has been explained to him that he's upset someone. Sometimes takes a couple of tries to get him to understand why they're upset though. 

He has 0 affinity with birds and regularly manages to upset them which usually requires Athena to come and rescue him from being divebombed. A particularly ornery swan in the castle grounds has taken to chasing him down upon sight - he swears that it lies in wait for him. 

Assists Athena in her feather collecting by gifting her any he finds. Every so often attempts to gift her one of his butt-feathers, which she doesn't appreciate. He has been chased through the castle for this offence in the past. 


Only the underside of his mane is shimmery and golden, the other side is the dark grey of the rest of it. Forgot to show that, but that's what I get for leaving it so late. 

His wings are based off a standard winged nightjar. 

(He does have two in case it confuses anyone, the top image only shows one for design-display sake)

Link to his sister (because the idea of a sibling pair wouldn't leave me alone):

For kilala97's contest. 


Artist | Hobbyist
United Kingdom
"There are other ways to make four! Like three plus two!"
"...minus one!"

Nothing to see here but an inconsistent art style. Moving on.

Avatar by LynnTV

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