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Thinking up titles for pieces is about as difficult as drawing the stupid things. 

I can't remember when I started this (but it was a fair while ago) but I finally sat myself down and made myself finish it. Mainly because I have a lot of revision to do and I am a terrible procrastinator. 

I redrew his back feathers like 4 times and I'm still not 100% satisfied but I lacked the skill/patience to try yet again so I'll settle for what happened and hope I improve in the future. 
I mean, my equines are looking more and more equine now so I suppose I should be pleased, but I am an ungrateful perfectionist. 
And on that note - foreshortening is evil. 

Aviqos are a closed species belonging to Vivaliis

(Forgot his eyeshadow, I KNEW there was something I was missing. Oh well. Can't be wearing fancy makeup all the time boyo.)
Happy Tuhk
Had this on my computer since some time in February and forgot to upload it. Whoops. 
He's missing his beads but I'm sure he has to take them off some times? It's totally not because I forgot to draw them and am too lazy to add them in. (I've been meaning to put them in since Feb, I think it's safe to assume that it's not going to happen.)

(I don't know what happened to his mouth, I think I was trying to experiment with expressions but erm well... yeah)

Tuhka is a wildling unicorn
A semi-open species by Rannarbananar
Reference | Corvus


"Here to find out what the stars hold, are you?"

Name: Corvus
Sex: Stallion
Occupation: Fortune Teller/Trickster
Friends: TBA
Enemies: Donahue, TBA
Romantic Interest: N/A
Personality: Sly, Suave, Personable, Unscrupulous, Flirty
Likes: Stargazing; conning people; feigning innocence
Dislikes: Losing; being outsmarted; the morally uptight


"The cards don't lie, my dear."

 warmblood horse - common
 height 15.1 hh - common
 dark colors - uncommon
 3 layers of feathers - common
 short length of backfeathers - uncommon
 four extra big feathers - uncommon
 extra small feathers on: shoulders - common
 two colors of eyes - uncommon

Number: #10 (Uncommon)


This took longer than I thought, but it's finally done! Finally! And it's an actual reference sheet too, instead of just an image. Who'd have thought I was capable?! Not me, that's for certain. 

His mane isn't showing on his right side simply to show his markings, it would normally cover his neck. 

I'm more than happy to look at developing his relationships with other aviqos. He's a friendly guy, even if he's a total jerk. I say friendly... He acts friendly at least? 

Aviqos are a closed species by Vivaliis
Original Design also by Vivaliis
Wildling Rite - Covet
Hey I actually got around to joining in this time! 

Whilst some wildlings may covet love or strength, Tuhka's a bit more material than that. He just wants to amass shiny or glitzy things - shiny chains, whispy fabrics, beads, and glitter are his favourite collectibles, but any kind of accessory, or anything that could be used in a performance are a-ok too. 

Scarves are all the rage right now too don't you know? Haven't you seen all these new wildings cropping up with their fancy scarves? Tuhka wants a scarf too!


Drawing horses sitting continues to elude me and there's something off about his hind legs and how they're sat but screw it it's the closest I've gotten yet. Horses just aren't creatures that sit, I don't know why I insist on trying to draw them doing it. 
NextGen Full Ref: Apple Spice
A design update rather than a revision, it was due now that I can actually draw actual horses to some degree. 

Apple Spice (Just goes by Spice)
Parents: Applejack and Cardamon (Saddle arabian, OC) 
Age: Third oldest of mane six next gen (I don't assign ages, simply because I'm likely to draw them at a different age each time.) 
Siblings: Apple Cinnamon, Apple Vanilla (Younger sisters)
Cutie Mark: Never appeared
Occupation: Farmer, marathon runner
Personality Overview: Shy, hard-working, submissive, forgiving, supportive

I'll add more as I think of it. 

This started off as practise doodles, turned into a ref for Spice because why not. 
Also; screw lineart. 


Artist | Hobbyist
United Kingdom
"There are other ways to make four! Like three plus two!"
"...minus one!"

Nothing to see here but an inconsistent art style. Moving on.

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