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Brush by BuffyandBramble
"When was the last time you brushed your mane?"
"Your mane. When did you last brush it?"
"I dunno, maybe yesterday? The day before?" Free answered with a shrug. "Hey, are we going to get donuts or not?" 
"In a minute, you're not going out looking like that," Rhinestone fussed, retrieving a brush and immediately setting it on his friend's hair. 
"Wha- Hey! I can brush my own mane!"
"Clearly you can't."

Woo super original title. 

Rhinestone and Free are pretty close, even if they have very different opinions on the necessity of fashion and whether or not it is socially acceptable to belch in public. The two like to read gossip magazines with each other because no one else in their friendship group actually cares about their trashy content. They also like to meet up every so often for bad-movie nights and ice cream. 
Rhinestone cuts and dyes her mane/tail for her, it stresses him that she doesn't follow the care plan he gives her. 

Sketch with no colour because I'm practising anatomy again, and also fairly convinced I want to swap Rhinestone's palette so he looks less like the generic Raripants foal and actually could be picked out of a crowd. 
Pony horses by BuffyandBramble
Pony horses
So I came across Aaron Blaise's tutorials and his sneak peak on how to draw horse heads at different angles. Decided to try and see if I learned anything from watching the video and I think so? 

Pleased enough with these anyway, they're fun and I do way prefer a style that is primarily based in realism. 
Probably gonna end up buying the full tutorial. Expect more practise of horse-ponies in the future. 

Now Twi or Rarity because horns. I'm taking baby steps here his tutorials did not cover horns I am not drawing horns yet. 
Also, I have a short attention span. 

I'll probably use canon characters for some practice in the future, so if anyone wants me to draw a specific (canon) character shout up and I'll bear it in mind next time I'm drawing. Please bear in mind this me taking suggestions, not requests. 
Sorry, who are you again? by BuffyandBramble
Sorry, who are you again?
Silly little idea that I had, and it got a messy sketch to go with. 
Cabaret and Tuhka are both performers, albeit in different ways. I do love the idea of them working together sometimes, but in order for that to happen, they have to actually meet and this silly little possible scenario was born. 

In essence, Tuhka happens to see one of Cabaret's shows, and immediately thinks that they should collaborate on something. At the end of the show he bounds over and proceeds to excitedly reel off all sorts of ideas to poor Cabaret, completely forgetting to introduce himself or what he's talking about and not letting the Philoden get a word in edgeways for a fair while to mention this fact. 

Tuhka's just excited about all the amazing shows Cab, it's flattering, honest. He's not dangerous, just a little odd sometimes. 

Haven't got a clue how to draw wildling ears when they're pricked/forwards, but I'll work it out at some point. 
I also figure Cabaret is a fair bit taller than Tuhka. I don't know how tall he is, but I still feel like Tuhka would be a fair bit shorter. 

Tldr; silly random scenario with Tuhka and ScorchedPoet's Cabaret. (Hope you were okay with me drawing him!)

Wildlings are an open species by :iconrannarbananar:


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United Kingdom
"There are other ways to make four! Like three plus two!"
"...minus one!"

Nothing to see here but an inconsistent art style. Moving on.

Avatar by LynnTV

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Thanks for asking though!
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